The Diamond Valley Railroad

Among the many narrow gauge railroads in the US and in PA is the Diamond Valley Railroad. This little known railroad was built by David Gring in 1885 from the PRR's mainline at Barree, through the valley between Tussey Mountain and Round Top and into the Diamond Valley terminating at Neffs Mills. Today the right of way is obvious through the middle of Greene Hills Church Camp. At a total of 16 miles plus a 1 to 2 mile branch up Round Top powered by mules, the DVRR's purpose was logging, but also carried passengers for just six months.

The DVRR did not last long at all. This is why it is little known. In 1890, when the lease on the harvesting of lumber expired, the DVRR was packed up and moved nearly 80 miles east to Newport to become the Newport & Shermans Valley Railroad, another narrow gauge road that, at one time, had plans to join with the East Broad Top.

Because the logging lease was so short, the railroad ran 24 hours a day for six days a week. At one time, the 0-6-0 was sent to the PRR's Harrisburg shop for repairs which shut down the railroad for a week.

DVRR Passenger Timetable
Mile Post Location Time
0.0 Barree 3:10 pm
0.8 North Barree 3:15 pm
3.2 Woodbine 3:28 pm
5.0 Glen Summit 3:38 pm
7.0 Round Top Jct 3:46 pm
10.0 Globe Run 4:00 pm
11.8 Brookwood 4:05 pm
12.7 Crystal Spring 4:07 pm
13.8 Sunset 4:13 pm
14.9 Mooresville 4:17 pm
16.0 Neffs Mills 4:20 pm
Average speed of 13.7 mph

Locomotive Roster
No.	Name		Type	Builder	Built	Notes
1	Robert Bruce	0-6-0T	Porter	1885	To N&SV #1
2	Emma		4-4-0	Brooks	4/1880	From Kendall & Eldred #13; to N&SV #2 10/1892; b/n 486

Rolling Stock Roster
No.	Type		Notes
	Private Car	Modified from boxcar, equipped with a bar
	Crew car?	Modified boxcar
17	Open		Access from ends only; possibly used for logging crews or passengers
Several Box Cars
20 Flat Cars

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