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At the begining of the year I decided to move all photos on this web site to my Flickr account. The task is almost complete at this point. You can find my Flickr photostream HERE. 39 pages and 409 photos online.

Deleted a little content today and some unneeded pages. This site is slowly dieing. 115 pages and 1,851 photos online.

I'm starting off the new year with a new hosting company. I hear files are downloading faster, so please enjoy the change. I've removed the Drawings section.

My locomotive rosters have been moved to AltoonaWorks.info. 134 pages and 1,907 photos online.

In order to save some web space, I decided to move my video clips over to YouTube. Some minor updates and corrections have been done and the site stands at 143 pages and 1,730 photos online at the moment.

This week PARails.com took over my East Broad Top information. 157 pages and 1,978 photos online.

I recently decided to move all of my Juniata Shop photos from this site over to one of my other sites, AltoonaWorks.info. This has helped to free up some space for more photos on this site. Now we have 185 online pages and about 1,953 photos online.

194 online pages and over 2,100 photos online.

I purchased a brand new digital camera a few months ago. If you're a regular to this site, you've probably notice a lot of new photos lately. I hope to keep this up, as scanning my prints was expensive and time consuming. 217 online pages and a little over 1,700 photos online.

Business as usual. Minor updates continue. Expect some photo scans in the coming months from Colorado/New Mexico.

As announced, I have deleted the trivia section. This morning I combined four EBT rosters into three on one page. We're down to 261 online pages and over 1,800 photos now

I have decided not to close down the site, but I will be making it smaller and easier for me to manage. Several pages plus at least the trivia section will be removed.

It has been announced that RailfanUSA will be closed in September. A much smaller and easier-to-manage site is being created here at trainweb.org/parailfan. RailfanUSA.com will be phased out in September of 2004 and trainweb.org/parailfan will remain as my modest Web presence. Railroad related material and photos, though not near as much as before, will still be posted here.

Conrail Renumbering has been merged into the new Conrail History roster. You will now start to notice scans from my recently purchased Nikon N80.

You may have noticed the main background of this site has changed. This was caused because UP and BNSF have decided to revoke the permission they gave me to use their logos.

A few days ago RailfanUSA.com crossed the 2,000 pictures mark.

I just took my few train gifs offline. They can now be found at Frog Rail.

To complement the CR/NS renumbering roster, I have added a CR/CSX renumbering roster today.

The railroad movies section was deleted today.

Today I deleted the sound files on RailfanUSA.com.

Pictures from my first visit to CSX rails were added today.

My New Years Resolution is to start using thumbnails for photos on this Web site. Any new photos will have thumbnails and gradually the old photos will get thumbnails. This will cut down loading time.

About 477 EBT photos from this year have been taken offline. I've kept the photos from the important days such as the spectacular. This is to free up some disk space for RailfanUSA to continue to grow.

Today I added the pages for the 100 best photos of the EBT in 2001. This includes just 100 of the over 1,000 photos I took at the East Broad Top Railroad this year.

Since I've been adding so many pictures this summer, the capacity of this site had to be changed from 100 MB to 300 MB. This will cost me twice as much money.

Many new drawings, and colored drawings have been added in the last week. Today, colored drawings were put on a new page.

The Drawings page has been given a new look and new drawings have been added.

Twenty new EBT pictures and three new Rockhill Trolley pictures were added today along with the first movie on this Web site.

The Web Gem Award was added today.

The Mile 262 Trivia has been merged into this site today.

Today I added a bunch of new rosters. The rosters section has been taken out of frames also.

I added the Golden Rail Award today. I also split the 'mow-other' picture page into separate 'mow' and 'other' picture pages.

Today I added 8 new pictures and last night I started the first photo contest.

This site's been at it's own domain for a month now. Hits are going higher and higher!! There have been many minor changes throughout the site lately.

Today I added 5 pictures, updated the railroad timeline, and added a page about the Mt. Union Connecting Railroad.
100 pages. No, that's not a typo.

Pages for my senior project were added today. They are about Altoona, Huntingdon, the EBT, and Locomotives.

The Central PA Railroad History Web site has merged with RailfanUSA.com today.

Today this site has finished moving to RailfanUSA.com.

Very early this morning I registered for my own dot com domain. It is www.RailfanUSA.com. Along with the move to the new domain this Web site will also be called Railfan USA now. It is no longer the Railroad Archives. I have begun transferring files today.

This Web site was originally created on 9/6/99 on GeoCities, although a pre-railfan site was created on Xoom.com. I planned for it to have many pictures of all the railroads of the USA and a lot of information for people to read. The site was originally called CP-Hunt, for the interlocking at Huntingdon, where I lived. I would get my pictures from many different other Web sites, most without permission. Eventually some people found their photos on my site and realized I didn't have permission to use them. They e-mailed me and complained. I understood the problem so I deleted every picture on my site after 5 months of collecting over 150 pictures. Please don't steal other people's photos. It was not soon after I started the GeoCities site that I noticed I was only getting 5-10 hits per day. I was a little disappointed. Then in the beginning of March '00 I remembered that TrainWeb gave space for railroad Web sites. So around the 6th of March I e-mailed the TrainWeb Webmaster to see about getting my site hosted there. Then on March 8th I got my ID and Password from him. Shortly before moving to TrainWeb I renamed the site to The Railroad Photo & Information Archives. I stayed up most of that night and the next day transferring files to the new site. On TrainWeb I received about 20 hits per day. Though I would have liked more I was satisfied for then. This site received 1,554 hits from 9/19/99 to 3/9/00 on GeoCities. On 1/22/00 the site opened on RRDepot.com. This site received 6,865 hits from 3/10/00 to 1/22/01 on TrainWeb. While surfing the net one night, I decided to search for my own host and domain. After a short search I found my current host and RailfanUSA.com. On 3/16/01 the Web site opened at RailfanUSA.com. While at RRDepot.com, the site received 1,397 hits.

Hits per Host
Host Title Dates Total Hits Hits/Day
Geocities CP-Hunt 9/6/99-3/9/00 1,554 8.4
TrainWeb RR Photo & Info Archive 3/8/00-1/22/01 6,865 21.5
RR Depot RR Photo & Info Archive 1/22/01-3/16/01 1,397 26.4
5Buck Hosting RailfanUSA.com 3/16/01-

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