The East Broad Top Railroad Timeline

  - Bedford Furnace is built.

  - The first Broad Top coal is sold.

  - Rockhill Furnace #1 mine is opened.

  - February: The Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad Begins Service.
  - June 6: The Pennsylvania Railroad reaches Mt. Union.

  - April: The East Broad Top Railroad is chartered.

  - A stone farm house is constructed on a tract of land that would become the EBT Rockhill Yard.  This stone house
    was used as the Rockhill Shops office.

  - The Rockhill Iron & Coal Company is formed.

  - The East Broad Top Coal & Iron Company is incorporated.

  - September 10: The Rockhill Iron & Coal Company is established.
  - September 16: Construction on the EBT begins at Mt. Union.

  - Early '73: First two locomotives arrive, #1 and #2.
  - August 30: The Mt. Union to Rockhill section is opened.

  - September 23: First train from Mt. Union to Robertsdale, 30 miles.
  - October 15-18: Official opening celebrations.
  - November 11: First regular train.

  - Construction on the present Rockhill roundhouse begins.

  - December: Mt. Union Silica Brick Company opens.

  - Orbisoina station is finished.

  - September: The Orbisonia, car #20, is acquired from Big Level & Kinzua.

  - March: The runaway caboose incident.

  - November 8: The Shade Gap Branch is opened to Neelyton.

  - December: The first 2-8-2 Mikado, #12, is delivered.

  - The first narrow gauge steal hoppers are ordered.
  - December 22: The Shade Gap and Rocky Ridge railroads are merged into the East Broad Top Railroad.

  - June:  The first Fairmont motorcar arrives on the EBT.
  - August: Mikado #18 is delivered to the EBT.

  - The McKelvey Brothers build a logging line off the EBT near Rockhill.
  - The timber transfer gantry crane is built at the Mt. Union yard.

  - The EBT acquires their last steam engine, 0-6-0 #3.

  - January 6: Motorcar M-1 is put into service with coach #8 as a trailer.

  _ The Mckelvey Brothers logging railroad is abandoned.

  _ EBT begins using the timber transfer crane to lift standard gauge cars onto narrow gauge trucks.

  - Regular service on the Shad Gap branch is halted.

  - The Evanston Branch is abandoned.
  - The Stanton Spur is abandoned.

  - The Narco Branch is constructed.

  - The Shade Gap to Neelyton branch is abandoned and dismantled.

  - The East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad, an EBT cousin, is abandoned.

  - August 15: Passenger service is discontinued.

  - The Coles Valley Branch is dismantled.
  - #16 operates for the last time, as she goes into the shop for overhaul.
  - November 30: The EBT files for abandonment of the mainline.

  - April:  #18 operates for the last time.
  - April 6: The last revenue EBT RR freight train is locomotive #17 to Saltillo and Mt. Union.
  - April:  #3 operates for the last time.

  - Locomotives #12 and #15 are reactivated for tourist service.
  - August 13: The East Broad Top Railroad is reopened as a tourist line.  Trains operate from Rockhill to the
    'S' curve south of Shirleysburg.

  - Locomotives #14 and #17 are reactivated for tourist service.
  - The line is extended and a picnic area built near Shirleysburg at Colegate Grove.  A wye is built to turn the train.

  - July 6: The Rockhill Trolley Museum opens.

  - August 15: The East Broad Top Railroad is designated a National Historic Landmark.

  - The Friends of the East Broad Top is incorporated.

  - June-August: Locomotive #14 receives some major work and returns to service.

  - "Colorful East Broad Top" by Mallory Hope Ferrell published.
  - July:  The National Park Service completes repairs to the Mt. Union enginehouse roof, and moves wooden patterns
    from EBT shops to fire-proof storage.

  - The Mt. Union Connecting Railroad is incorporated.
  - Spring: Crews begin clearing 4 miles of the EBT main line for the Mt. Union Connecting Railroad.

  - Fall: The Mt. Union engine house receives a fresh coat of paint.

  - Five hoppers from the Mt. Union yard are sold to the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR.
  - October: Locomotive #12 operates for the last time.

  - Spring: Track work on the Mt. Union Connecting begins.  Clearing continues.
  - October: Replacement of both platforms of combine 14 and 15 is completed.  Work is also done to make combine 14
    more level.
  - October: Locomotive #17 operates for the last time.

  - Spring: EBT employees and RTM volunteers jacked up the EBT's tool room about two feet to bring it level with the rest
    of the shops.  Little did anyone know this would be the begining of future restoration work performed by the FEBT.
  - Locomotive #15 is taken out of service and dismantled to receive FRA compliance repairs and upgrades.
  - Summer: FEBT begins restoration work on two sheds in Rockhill plus repairing windows on the shops.
  - August: The baggage doors of combines 14 and 15 are reinstalled after 42 years.
  - September 5: Two EBT passenger cars bought from a collection in Colorado by FEBT, combine 18 and baggage 29,
    are delivered to Rockhill and stored in the EBT car shop.

  - February 8: After using coal for nearly 100 years, Orbisonia station's coal-fired boiler is replaced with an
    oil-fired boiler.
  - February 25: Louis Buehler, at the age of 84, passes away.  Mr. Buehler is a founding member of the Rockhill
    Trolley Museum and played a major role in the East Broad Top's reopening in 1960.
  - FEBT starts more involved work on the shops and starts the generator room.
  - April 10: The Mt. Union Connecting RR's locomotive is delivered to Mt. Union.
  - May 23: The EBT announces its first official Web site at
  - September: Replacement of the coupling between the engine and alternator on the M-1 gas-electric car is performed.
    Other important work is done over the coming winter to keep this one-of-a-kind machine is good operating condition.

  - August: Caboose #28 Returns to service after major repairs to its siding and platforms.
  - Summer: The main track between the former southern end of operable track and the end of Rockhill Yard is cleared
    and rehabilitated for longer speeder rides by FEBT.
  - December: After years of trying to save it, the decision was made to raze Saltillo station.  The structure was
    in very poor shape and would have been nearly impossible to save.  Architechually significant pieces were removed
    by FEBT before demolition.  All that remained on 1/1/05 was a pile of wood and a foundation.

  - June: Meadow Street crossing is rebuilt at the expense of the Kovalchicks.
  - June 26: Locomotive #14 returns to service after repairs to a cracked driver spoke.  The EBT was without steam
    power for the first time in its existance for 7 operating days.
  - September:  Combine #15 returns to service after major exterior woodwork.
  - September 28: Locomotive #15 returns to service after FRA compliance repairs.
  - October 2:  Refurbishing of flatcar 119 is completed by FEBT.
  - October: Private car 20 returns to service after major platform work.

  - June:  EBT begins operating speeder car rides every weekend.
  - August:  Motorcar M-3 returns to the EBT after a major restoration by FEBT.
  - November:  Mt. Union Connecting Railroad receives its first revenue car.

  - June:  The "Fairbanks," an original EBT Fairmont speeder work car is returned to service.

  - January:  The Friends of the EBT completes a rebuild on side-dump hopper #802.
  - October:  The Friends of the EBT completes a rebuild on boxcar 168, converting it to a handicap accessible open car.

  - April:  EBT Speeder Crew finishes a project starting in 2006, opening track to the Rt 475 road crossing for
    speeder operations.
  - June:  The East Broad Top Railroad Preservation Association, president Larry Salone, begins a 3-year operating
    lease of the EBT.

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